More than just a Marketing Company. VxR Works
is a Complete Business Improvement Machine!

Watch Video: “The Change Formula”

We believe you “have to” communicate a unique, precise and clear vision of who you are and what you offer with Video, Vision & Voice.

To do that effectively we use every media available to eliminate any competition. It’s how Vision Times Resistance Equals Change! This is our simple but effective process.
First we design your vision (That’s the “V”) …who are you in the marketplace? What makes you unique?
Then we lower resistance (that’s the “R”) to you and your brand through the creative and resourceful use of all available media to reach your intended market. Together we make it Work!

Some of our latest work for Gulf Breeze Recovery:

“Addiction is Deadly!”
It’s a fact, and this spot keeps it real, then it gets really-realer when we shift to hope,
and some real people who’ve experienced it!

More about what we do at VxRWorks

Ann Hofferberth -Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Branding & Business Sherpa
As a results driven entrepreneur, speaker, investor and trendsetter; I am using my experience in retail, manufacturing, business start ups, turn-around and IPO’s and franchising at VxRWorks for your businesses success.
James Braun -Co-Founder, Creative Director, Broadcast & Print Design
I am a passionate guy and I love what I do! I am a seasoned digital artist and strategist but my true passion is driving more revenue and creating a better customer experience online, in media, in print and every place you “touch” your ideal customer.
James & I co-founded VxRWorks and are committed and passionate about helping people & businesses create a daily program for building and promoting their brand. Using the change formula, VxRWorks will use all the tools available to us to reach your defined level of success and then keep you there.
James and I together have years of success to apply to you and to your brand. James is a remarkable creative who can present your ideas visually in a way you did not even know was possible. I, with my many years with top brands (VF Corp, Hallmark, FTD & Vanity Fair), not only understand the management of brands, I understand the entrepreneur and the business side of a brand.

At VxRWorks you will find no other team better and more impassioned
to help our clients reach their unique goals.

First we get to know you, next we get to know your customer and then we make sure we make a match. So that when you discover one another in the marketplace it is like you always knew this was the right product, partner or enterprise for you! That is the magic!
Vision times Resistance equals Change & Clients & Cash. VxRWorks because we build a vision for you that can overcome ANY resistance and produces results.

Some of our latest work for Dr Vape It

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Dr Vape It “Choice”

Here’s just a few of our areas of discipline within the traditional areas of marketing…


  • Strategic Brand Building and USP Development
  • Crowd-Source Funding and Angel Presentations
  • Social Media Integration and Creative Blogging for Businesses
  • Creative Communication, Design, Production and Implementation
  • Video Content Creation for Television Broadcast and Online Delivery
  • Web Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Strategic Media Planning and Procurement
  • Budget Management, Team Building and Sales Training
  • Print/POS/Direct Mail/Traffic and More…

Some of our latest work for Maharaja’s

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Mharaja’s “Best for you”