Are You Harnessing The Full Power of Your Video?

If you’re not focused on video, focus on this:

Video Traffic
of the world’s internet traffic will be video by 2019
Mobile Video
of mobile internet traffic will be video by 2020
Online Video
of online activity currently spent watching video

We’re Not An Ad Agency.

VxR Works is a Modern Business Improvement Machine.

Born from a need to consolidate our broadcast production and design services behind the delivery of video into all the new online platforms being added to everything from social media, websites, to traditional networks streaming ads, VxR Works has been an innovator. Using every media available to communicate a unique, precise, and clear vision of who you are and what you offer your audience. Then we collect every bit of available data for you to better understand and more effectively engage with your customer and get the most value out of every communication we design.

Our services:

How does V X R
Equal Change?

We’ll show you a simple method for eliminating competition without violence.

What is “Video Marketing?”

A non-intrusive method for staying in front of your audience without pissing them off!

All that without
an algorithm?

Communicate your brand using modern tools with old-school experience.